The multiple benefits of green walls Insulation

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Thermal benefits
and energy savings

Green walls (exterior wall claddings) have considerable potential in terms of resolving energy- and environment-related issues connected with buildings.

The modular green wall system Vertiss is especially efficient in terms of enhancing thermal insulation of buildings due to its geometric and structural features.

The Vertiss® green wall is made out of several layers which achieve various beneficial interacting effects. These effects, specific to the Vertiss exterior wall cladding system, reduce heat flows through the façade of the buildings.

How it works?

  • The plant cover helps generate energy savings in buildings due to the combined effects of evapotranspiration, shading and reflection of the sun's rays.
  • The substrate layer is approximately 13 cm thick and also helps disperse water vapour away from the building envelope.
  • The EPP layer (expanded polypropylene) of the Vertiss module has thermal conductivity of 0.04 W/m.K. It represents an additional insulating and shading layer.
  • The 4 cm air-gap between the building façade and the back of the Vertiss module helps to discharge by convection through the wall cladding in the upper part.
  • The Vertiss green wall cladding system reduces the amplitude of the heat flow through the building envelope and helps to prevent extremes of temperature over the building's planted surface.

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In summer time, it reduces the inside wall temperature by an average of 1.5°C, both in daytime and at night.

The reduction in heat flows produced by the Vertiss green wall modular system results
in lower air conditioning costs in summer or in hot countries.

The reduced thermal load is also effective in winter but the benefits in terms of heating costs are not as great as for air conditioning.
Air conditioning requirements are on average reduced by about 71 % whereas for heating requirements the figure is approximately 4 %.

The green wall and noise reduction

It's very common to develop a headache in a room full of people. Phones ringing, exclamations, conversations, music etc. ... all these noises resonate and bounce off walls and ceilings.

Office noise levels are between 0 and 70 decibels. The consequences are significant: loss of productivity, physical discomfort, headaches, migraines, increased fatigue and concentration problems. Living walls offer acoustic benefits by absorbing all these sounds and therefore offering improved sound protection.

Plants reduce and absorb noise. Yet the level of noise reduction is proportional and depends on the number of plants and the level of noise in the room. In all cases the acoustics of a room are improved.

Green walls insulate against noise and vibration and reduce sound penetration. In addition they help to absorb echo in buildings and reduce noise pollution in our modern cities. Vertical gardens therefore enhance your comfort by improving the air quality.

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Other benefits