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Modular Green Wall


The complete customizable solution  for a stylish vertical garden


Vertiss® Plus offers a complete solution for planting both interior and exterior walls.

Ideal for planting small areas and entire facades of several hundred square metres, the Vertiss solution personalizes your space with a unique design feature.


(High Density expanded polypropylene)

  • Easy installation and maintenance

  • Thermal benefits (evapotranspiration of plants on the building shell + material)

  • The module insulates the growing medium and roots against extreme temperatures (hot and cold)

  • Corrosion resistant module

  • Sound comfort

  • Protects existing walls against UV rays and weather damage (no watertight seal)

  • Designing the layout plan for any area is quick and easy


  • Their angle of inclination respects phototropism and geotropism (growth in a direction determined by gravity). Plants are therefore subject to less stress when acclimatizing and in the long term.

  • Their ergonomic design makes planting and plant replacement simple.

With its high-quality materials and options, Vertiss Plus is suitable for use throughout the world even in extreme climatic conditions, protecting and insulating plants for optimal growth to achieve a magnificent vertical garden. Finally, professional maintenance is essential for a long-lasting and beautiful vertical garden.  

Dimensions of the module (only)

Height: 760 mm
Width: 590 mm
Depth: 190 mm
Volume of growing medium: 32 L

Dimensions of the module including the fixing system approx. 800 x 600 mm


The inside of the module is not partitioned so the 32 l of growth medium benefit all 16 plants placed in it without exception. The volume available for the roots in addition to a perfect water circulation and distribution (including nutrients) are therefore a major asset for the plants' successful growth. The plant density ensures that a mosaic effect (plant fresco) can be easily achieved over the entire living wall. The replacement of plants, where necessary, is simple.


Developed specifically for green walls



The various growing medium components help ensure good root growth and excellent humidity behaviour.

  • Pozzolan and clay balls provide excellent root anchorage and water retention while also ensuring good aeration and drainage even when saturated.

  • The organic material (garden peat) produces good all-round water retention and ensures good plants can recover well after planting.

  • Specific holding agents improve water retention: the growing medium can absorb up to 300 times its weight in water, leading to water savings. In the form of colloids, they enhance the structure of the growing medium and minimize leaching.

Thanks to all these features daily irrigation cycles via an automated drip system adjusted to your green wall can be reduced to only a few minutes.



  • Very good root growth

  • Excellent anti-compaction properties, no root asphyxiation

  • Good water retention capacity.

  • Good drainage.

  • High porosity (allows microbial activity).

  • Free of disease, fungus, weeds, insects, etc.

  • Good CEC (good adsorption and desorption of nutrients in soil colloids and water).

  • Minimizes leaching of fertilizing substances.

  • Good resistance to frost heave.

Metal frame as exterior wall cladding

Montage d'un Mur Végétal Vertiss Plus
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The necessary parts for the watering system of the vertical garden are not part of the Vertiss + package (module + growing medium + mounting structure) but can be supplied as an option.

Depending on the project and the size of the green wall we can quote an automated and complete drip watering system

​It is not possible to install an automated irrigation system on a small vertical garden made of few modules only.

Automation of the irrigation provides regular and homogenous water and nutrients supply to the plants and avoids omissions or over-watering.



Secondary Network

Primary Network


Or technical area

The irrigation station (primary system) controls frequencies and durations for watering and nutrients supply to the living wall thanks to a programmer and electrovalve(s).


Or localized watering


An automated fertigation system with very low water consumption.
Each module in the green wall is watered by a drip line connected to the irrigation station.

about installation, watering and maintenance of the Green Wall Vertiss

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