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Green wall design

Design and Property value

Living walls are very trendy. They embellish spaces with a stylish and sophisticated natural green covering.




A designer living wall Vertiss® green walls have been created in exclusive and outstanding locations and offering their customers genuine well-being and true originality. Living walls are among the biggest contemporary trends.
They embellish spaces with a stylish and sophisticated natural plant cover.

Vertical gardens in superb villas and homes: the green wall is also popular with individuals, out of which even very prestigious ones, like the Crown Prince of Dubai, who have chosen to introduce a vertical garden
into their home for an interior or exterior designer look



A vertical garden can also add to increase the property value. The extent to which a property is surrounded by a healthy, green environment, especially in cities, will affect its value. Green wall modules also protect a building's façade and will not fail to impress any potential buyers. Following the same line of reasoning that greenery appeals to people, hotels and restaurants with interior or exterior gardens will naturally attract more guests than those without. A report published by the French union of the landscaping enterprises (Union nationale des Entreprises du Paysage, UNEP) and IPSOS in 2010 highlighted the "need for green" in their everyday lives expressed by French people. 9 French people out of 10 consider that greenery is an important component of their everyday lives (cf. The positive effect of greenery on well-being) and 7 out of 10 think there is not enough vegetation in cities.

Last but not least, for 1 in 2 people the main advantage of gardens and green spaces remains in their benefits to the environment.

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