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Green Wall : well-being

Health and Serenity

Everyday life in urban areas is often associated with concrete jungle, traffic noise and pollution.

How does this affect our well-being?



Le monde dans lequel nous évoluons est chaque jour un peu plus pollué. Les milieux urbains se répandent et les taux de pollution des grandes villes atteignent des sommets. Cela est vrai en intérieur comme en extérieur.



Different elements like Formaldehyde (CH2O), VOCs, Trichloroethylene (TCE) and Benzene (C6H6) are found in numerous everyday objects such as furniture, paintings, wallpaper and even certain cosmetics like nail polish. The hazard linked to these components is the development of asthma-related respiratory problems such as coughing and wheezing. Carbon monoxide (CO), a toxic gas generated by gas cookers and heating appliances, is also present in high concentrations of cigarette smoke and vehicle exhaust fumes. Low level exposure can cause dizziness and headaches and long- term exposure can have much more serious consequences.



Livings walls are not a miracle solution to the pollution caused by humans, but they do bring nature into our cities and our interiors. The virtues of plants are well-known: they act as a natural filter and produce oxygen through photosynthesis.

Certain chemicals can be eliminated by plant roots or their associated microorganisms which break down and assimilate these chemicals.


A recent study led by British Professor Sir Cary Cooper, a work environment specialist, has shown that lack of motivation and low morale could be due to lack of greenery and natural light.

This study carried out with 3,600 employees in 8 different countries suggested that working in an environment disconnected from nature affects us profoundly. On the contrary, employees who worked in an environment with greenery and light had much higher levels of enthusiasm and creativity in all the countries.

Having greenery nearby therefore takes the sometimes-harsh edge off an urban environment and has an invigorating effect as regards motivation at work.

75% of employees in the American group Genzyme said they felt a stronger connection with their fellow workers after moving to a greener and more spacious working environment. This raises a problem however: not everyone can move premises or pull-down walls to create an indoor garden in the organization's premises or reception area.

And this is where the vertical garden really comes into its own.

With living walls, it is possible to use numerous previously bare surfaces to grow a magnificent vertical garden or an outdoor green wall, thereby creating a space where people feel good.

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