Vertical garden Range of Vertiss products

Vertiss® offers self-contained
growing systems for green walls
with living plants.

Our vertical garden system are made out of standard planting modules that can be adapted to perfection for your project. The system is exceptionally easy to install and maintain.

Vertiss offers complete interior and/or exterior vertical greening solutions for landscape professionals, architects and designers, communities and individual customers.

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Vertiss Plus is the perfect solution for planting both small and very large surface areas. Inside and outside, Vertiss enhances all environments providing a vertical garden full of lush greenery all year round.

Vertiss Plus is a design feature with ecological value that will transform your space into a unique, natural area of well-being.

Our Vertiss Plus system contains everything you need to quickly and easily create a flourishing green wall.


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The Vertiss Compact module includes all basic features to perfectly meet the needs of smaller creative projects.

The Compact is especially suitable for planting exterior vertical surfaces, i.e. building façades.

It can also be used to create designer decor features, original living wall art or a vertical kitchen garden filled with herbs.



Module Vertiss Compact

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Common features for all Vertiss products

Arrangement and/or replacement of plants in our modules is quick and easy with plants in pots up to 9 cm without any need to break up the root ball and so minimizing damage to the root system and encouraging acclimatization.

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Growing medium developped specifically for green walls

Our growing medium meets all the requirements of vertical planting systems. It has the following characteristics:

  • Durability,
  • Minimal compaction,
  • Appropriate particle size,
  • Good CEC (good adsorption and desorption of nutrients in soil colloids and water),
  • Good water retention capacity.

Good water retention

The different components of our growing medium substances help ensure good root growth and excellent humidity behaviour.

  • Pozzolan and clay balls provide excellent root anchorage and water retention while also ensuring good aeration and drainage even when saturated.
  • The organic material (garden peat) provides good all-round water retention and ensures good plant recovery after planting.
  • Water-retaining agents improve water retention with the growing medium able to absorb up to 300 times its weight in water, leading to water saving. In the form of colloids, they enhance the structure of the growing medium and minimize nutrient leaching.

All these properties mean a watering requirement of only a few minutes each day via an automated drip system designed for your living wall.