The vertical garden brings nature and its multiple shades of green back into urban environments where ground space is becoming increasingly rare. Living walls offer considerable thermal and acoustic benefits.

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They also improve ambient air quality by regulating relative humidity and removing certain harmful VOCs from the air.

With Vertiss®, architects can offer solutions meeting requirements in terms of sustainable development, eco-housing and improved quality of urban life using reliable and innovative vertical greening techniques. Vertiss can provide all the technical elements necessary to compile a detailed description for public or private invitations to tender.

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Natural green surfaces are increasingly used in interior design and in furniture (planted coffee tables or lounge furniture) and on walls (living plant wall art). Designers who work the trend of using plants in general and vertical gardens in particular are now able to create new and original greenery with plants on any vertical surfaces.

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The Vertiss living wall concept is a new way to create unique, harmonious landscapes. The vertical garden is the perfect solution for decorating all kinds of interior and exterior spaces such as terraces, swimming pool surrounds, patios, reception areas, building façades, etc. The expertise of landscape professionals combined with the unique technical features of Vertiss modules opens up a whole new vision of the garden with a mix of genres and spaces: such as creating a vertical kitchen garden in an asphalt patio area.

Landscape professionals appreciate the simplicity of the Vertiss modular green wall system as well as the short set-up time and quality of the growing medium for good plant establishment.

Vertiss has been designed for easy maintenance in very short time (there is enough space between each row of modules for an easy access to the drip lines.

We can also provide you with a list of plants especially well-suited for vertical growing systems, compiled together with our partners.

Vertiss is the designer and the supplier of green wall systems and we work with a national and international network of partner-companies (installers). Together we can have a close look at your project and asses the different aspects (feasibility, costing, options, ....

If you like the idea of a living wall, please contact us to discuss it more in detail.

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