Vertical gardens, also known as green walls and living walls, are self-contained planted structures integrated into the architecture of a building, either indoor or outside.

With Vertiss®, the plants are embedded in a module designed for vertical display and receive all the nutrients they need for growth as well as regular watering that is both economically efficient and environment friendly.

The pioneering French botanist and artist Patrick Blanc created the first vertical garden over 30 years ago. Greening solutions have evolved in more recent years and today Vertiss offers an efficient modular system for creating wonderful floral decor effects on previously bare surfaces and also meets requirement in terms of water management and plant growth.

Vertiss green walls or living walls are characterized by extraordinarily strong plant growth with plants covering the entire surfaces in a very short laps of time.. 

Every effort is made to ensure that the plants grow and develop without any restriction. Vertiss green wall systems produce stunning planted mosaic effects thanks to the virtually infinite diversity of usable plant species. The resulting vertical gardens are unique design features, magnificent frescos in innumerable shades of green.

Mur végétal intérieur Teheran Vertiss


Nature provides us with an extensive choice of plants of different colours, shapes and textures which can all be used to create green walls that will correspond to your own personal style and personality and taste. Everyone can create a living wall that suits you best.

Most perennials are suitable for green walls. However, there are a few rules to be followed in terms of growing conditions: climate, exposure, fertilizer requirement, pH, etc.

Plant growth habit (upright, trailing, spread out) and the desired overall effect will also influence your choice. A plant's growth habit affects how it competes effectively for the necessary sunlight. For example, a trailing plant (such as Glechoma) can cover and stifle a covering plant (such as Helxine)..

We suggest a list of plants to guide you but it is also vital to get advice from your installer who will help you choose the most suitable plants for your project and your taste.

Fleur rose mur végétal vertiss

Plante mur végétal Vertiss

Mur végétal vertical jardin Crespin Vertiss

Mur végétalisé ciel bleu Vertiss

Mur végétal intérieur escalier


Vertiss provides the perfect green space, flourishing natural greenery bursting with life.
The advanced design features of the Vertiss green wall make it exceptionally easy to plant a vertical garden both inside and outside. 

Our Vertiss range also offers the possibility of planting annuals (plants which live for one year) each season thanks to the preformed easy-to-plant containers.

Plants quickly take root and develop in the special growing medium created for a long term use in green walls. Developed and tested over several years, it has proven highly successful.

The vertical planting modules are chemically inert, recyclable and rust resistant. Installation with Vertiss is easy and efficient on any vertical support. See the "Vertiss Plus Module" data sheet.

The modular system is suitable for any type of installation: interior green wall, exterior vertical garden, green façade, living wall, green planted partition wall or screen, etc.

A green wall easy to install and easy to maintain
Original living decor for any location
The most ecofriendly solution on the market
A system endorsed by professionals

The automated irrigation system for Vertiss vertical gardens allows you to provide the exact amount of water a plant needs, as opposed to hydroponic systems where the nutrients originate from a continuous flow of water.

In a Vertiss vertical garden, the growing medium with its water-holding agents provides the plants with water and nutrients, in an open module (not partitioned) where roots can spread freely in the entire space available (35 l).


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Living, eco-friendly and customizable,
Vertiss green walls entirely transform spaces.

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