Installation of a Vertiss® vertical garden is a quick and easy process. The average installation time for a standard configuration including mounting of the metal frame, planting and positioning the modules is 10 m² per day with 2 people for average heights between 1 and 4 m.

It is possible to "pre-grow" the modules so that the green wall is already entirely covered just after installation.

Planting is quick:

  • 1 m² = 4 Vertiss Compact = 20 min
  • 1 m² = 2 Vertiss Plus = 30 min

Set-up time for the irrigation system varies depending on the configuration and options chosen.
It takes approximately 1/2 day to install the irrigation station (bonding, programming, etc.) and a few minutes to position the drip lines on the modules.

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Green wall MAINTENANCE: driving to success

A green wall is a living wall. We therefore recommend to schedule at least one or two maintenance interventions each month and more in case of very hot weather.

  • One intervention just before winter time to set the watering system to frost-protection mode and trim and clean the plants.
  • At least one monthly intervention during winter time to monitor the moisture level of the substrate and manually activate the irrigation system if required.
  • One intervention at the end of winter to reset the irrigation system and trim and clean the plants.
  • At least one intervention per month during the growing period (April to October) in order to check the correct system operation, the moisture level of the growing medium (increase or decrease watering frequency) and any plant health treatments.
  • Full check on the irrigation system.
  • Monitoring of healthy plant growth.
  • Inspection of the structure.


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A secondary micro-irrigation system provides local watering of each module.

This secondary system is connected to a primary system with a fertigation station which automatically launches watering and injection of nutrients. The lines should simply be placed over the upper part of each module. The drip lines are therefore spaced at intervals of approximately 80 cm. Due to capillary action and gravity, the water spreads through all the growing medium contained in the module.

Due to the water holding capacity of the growing medium combined with Vertiss module technology, water consumption remains low, averaging 5 to 15 l/week/sq. depending on the seasons, so around 200 to 500 l/year/sq.
Effective watering is the key to a beautiful living wall.

Water is the main factor contributing to plant growth.

We recommend short but frequent watering periods, 2 to 5 minutes and 1 to 5 times a day, depending on seasons and regions.
This programming pattern allows the water to spread down through the module more slowly and to be absorbed by the growing medium, and avoids wastage. This efficient watering pattern keeps the substrate at a certain moisture level. It continues to absorb water easily thereby minimizing water run-off at the bottom of the green wall. For all these reasons we do not recommend manual watering as it is difficult to control.

Technical room nearby the green wall:

The irrigation station controls frequencies and durations for watering and adding nutrients to the green wall thanks to a programmer and electro (flow control) valves(s), remotely operated or not.

Localized watering system on the green wall modules: network(s) of drippers.

An automated fertigation system with very low water consumption.

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