Air quality

Plants in a living wall absorb pollutants and hence improve the air quality.


The positive effect of "greenery" on well-being

For those who live in urban areas, everyday life can mean a backdrop of traffic noise, pollution and concrete jungles. What is the impact of this on our well-being? How can vertical garden help us out here?


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Thermal benefits and energy savings

Planted façades of the exterior wall type cladding have considerable potential in terms of resolving energy- and environment-related issues connected with buildings.

Acoustic benefits

Vertiss® living walls offer acoustic benefits by absorbing noise and therefore improved sound protection.


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Property value

Living walls are very trendy. They embellish spaces with a stylish and sophisticated natural green covering.


Sustainable cities

The greening of buildings, in particular on exterior surfaces, helps create more sustainable cities. An external green wall generates energy savings and reduces CO² emissions.


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