Green up your architecture ! An original and universal Green Decor

Vertiss ®

your Ecodesign green wall

A bright new solution for previously un-used surfaces, which can be greened-up in a very unique way with ornamental plants, kitchen gardens and herbs.

Vertiss green wall modules provide the perfect green space, flourishing natural greenery bursting with life. Like a standard garden, the vertical garden creates a pleasant living and working space. The advanced design features make it very easy to plant. All plants quickly take root and become established in the special and long term use growing medium. Developed and tested over several years, the Vertiss green wall concept has proven its success. Living, eco-friendly and customizable, Vertiss entirely transforms spaces. Interior and exterior wall surfaces can be converted into areas of lush natural greenery. Vertiss, aesthetic space separation for homes and green urban areas.



Vertiss™ is a self-contained system to grow plants on any vertical support. Our vertical garden concept is made out of standardized modules that can be adapted to almost any project and it is very easy to install and maintain.

Vertiss offers a complete green wall solution for indoor and outdoor to professional landscapers, architects and public bodies....

u Le mur végétal vertiss ambiance

green wall module


The Vertiss Plus module can be used to green up small to very large vertical surfaces both indoors and outdoors (facing any sunlight direction).


  • This exceptional garden brings life to previously un-used surfaces.
  • The ergonomic design of the planting containers and its fixing system make planting and plant replacement extremely simple.
  • Original living decor for any location.
  • The most eco-friendly solution on the market.
  • A system endorsed by professionals.
vertiss plus le mur végétal